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Welcome to MYTHERAPY, the UK's leading creative studio for digital colour correction, d-cinema and on-set services.

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the art and science of digital colour correction
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4K Finishing

highest quality finish delivered in real-time
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cutting edge mastering and distribution services
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mobile post-production solution

Recent Works

What’s New?

  • 08Sep

    Live Grade Event

    ACES, Colour Grading, Events, LIVE, News, TrainingWe have come up with an innovative project to showcase and demonstrate the latest developments in colour grading to a live audience of film professionals. Dado Valentic, founder of Mytherapy, and Director...
  • 15Aug


    Cinematography, Colour Pro“Less is more” and “personal art sacrificed for the greater whole (the film)” are the two catchphrases that Barry Ackroyd often quotes when describing his own artistic style. ‘Captain Phillips’,...


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We are in a plush new studio in the heart of Fitzrovia.

A welcoming and stimulating environment for clients that reflects our innovative approach to our work.

Our colour grading suite is equipped with state-of-the-art DaVinci resolve capable of 4K stereoscopic image processing.


Mytherapy was the first fully functioning data lab in the UK. We have pioneered data centric workflows and will continue to push the boundaries to stay the most progressive and forward thinking Data Lab in the world.


In today’s digital production environment, LTO-5 archiving has been established as the only reliable long term storage format. We at Mytherapy are able to backup, archive and retrieve any data and perform cost effective LTO-5 solutions for you.


Our on-set colour grading solution is the most compact, portable and integrated around. We bring colour grading early into the production pipeline, and ensure image consistency throughout the production.


Building on our reputation as a world leading data lab, we deliver uncompromised quality, speed and service no matter what your need. From data services to full onset lab solutions, we have you covered.


Our facility is approved by major broadcast companies for delivering quality assessment reviews. We are compliant with any broadcast standard, whether AES/EBU or SMPTE, a major requirement for any master delivery.


We are innovators. We practice more artistic and experimental side of colour grading. By using our knowledge in colour science we move colour grading ahead. Colour processing achieved with our techniques goes beyond what can be achieved just by pushing the buttons on the grading systems.


Here at MyTherapy, we love film. Features, shorts, 3D, animated, independent, any budget… We have been major contributors to success of many independent feature films and feel passionately about them all. We are constantly looking for new ways to enhance what we’re doing and develop images that are pushing boundaries of what seems conceivably possible. 4K is undoubtedly the ultimate technology that brings cinema screen to life. Working closely with Davinci we have created one of the first of its kind colour grading suites that allow for real-time colour grading in true 4K resolution.

Our Clients